Modern Message: Back to the Start


I feel like I should this post off with a disclaimer that I’m a huge Chipotle (the food chain) fan. Like, 3 to 4-veggie-bowls-a-week-fan. But, that’s not why I’m posting about this video. I’m posting about this video for three important reasons:

  • It’s got a Willie Nelson sung song in it
  • It’s got a great message about how though technology is great, we’ve gotten away from a lot of the natural ways to do things, and that’s had some adverse effects on the planet. It’s time we start investing in alternative ideas and let modern-ness make the world a better place, no?
  • The visuals in the video are so sick! Love it. Love how the colors even change throughout to match the tone. So cool-looking.

What do you think of this vid? Even if you don’t care about Chipotle or natural farming, it’s still cool-looking though, amiright?


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  1. Der_Golem

    Sep 2, 2011 at 12:58 am

    The song’s actually cold play – but I think Willie does it better. And it does look stunning – but no Chipotle where I am in NZ, which looks like it might be a shame!

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