Modern Etsy: Tiny World in a Bottle

Art & Design

Oh to have the world in your hands! It’s probably how you feel right after you graduate from college, with the rest of your life and all your hopes and dreams still ahead of you. Then, as the real world becomes more and more real the older you get, don’t we all lose a little bit of that energetic naivete and youthful enthusiasm for life? Regain motivation and inspiration by using your imagination to enjoy this great modern Etsy find: Tokyo, Japan-based artist Akinobu Izumi’s tiny worlds in a bottle. Tiny little bottles. Little scenes in those bottles. They’re adorable, poignant, simple and sweet. There’s a sort of magic to these little worlds, a sort of intrinsic power you must feel when holding it. Fun for a gift, fun to just have and something we think a modern home should have, for luck, at least. More here.

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