Live Modern: Lake Austin House Boat

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Secret time! Who hasn’t always wanted to live on a house boat?! Maybe it’s all those MacGyver episodes I grew up on, but house boats just seem cool. Isolated. Adventurous. With great views. And in the case of this Austin home, apparently awesome and modern, too. This home by Lake|Flato Architects is kind of cheating because it’s not exactly a house boat perse, more like a serious of structures on top of a structure on top of the water. But you’re still darn close to the water. And we love the idea of a lot of multiples structures to house different rooms. Maybe no so convenient in a rain storm or the middle of the night if you really want to get to another structure, but a novel idea when it comes to creating homes where each individual occupant can really have their own creative space to be themselves. And it’s cool-looking inside! Spotted first on Arch Daily.

Images: Hester + Hardaway, Atelier Wong
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