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Live Modern: Bouldin House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

It’s not everyday I can say I’ve been in one of the houses featured in our “Live Modern” section, but today I can! This Austin, Texas modern home was built by the architecture firm alterstudio and is really a stunner. My favorite thing about it isn’t necessarily its look; yes, it’s lovely and modern and cool-looking, but it’s more about the way it feels. It just feels nice inside. Comfortable. Cozy. Like a place I could actually live in. It’s not huge; it’s a reasonably size and just happens to feature fun modern ideas. It’s got a lot of reused materials that also contribute to a homey feeling. Love the surprises of color. Love that old furniture can mingle with new. Love that “This is It!” neon sign!

What do you think about this modern home? Like the way it feels, too? Let us know!

Images: Paul Bardagjy

One Comment to "Live Modern: Bouldin House"

  1. Lucky enough to catch this one on the AIA homes tour last year and it was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend. Loved the pool and great use of that inside space for a small TV room…etc etc etc. Good stuff!

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