Interiors: Office of Architecture and Push’s TriBeCa Loft

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Taken from a press release: “In a historic TriBeCa warehouse, a young couple found an opportunity to make an entire floor their first home. They wanted all the advantages of informal loft living, but also required seclusion for their bedrooms to accommodate guests and future family members. To achieve this, they hired Office of Architecture and Push – a New York / San Francisco architectural collaborative – who implemented a few cleverly conceived design moves.”

We love that line! “Cleverly conceived design moves.” That’s exactly what’s happening in here. We love the industrial and traditional feel that those big columns give the space, as well as framing living areas and delegating space. We love all the warm woods and how they contrast with other colors in the space, really giving crisp lines and really delineated spaces. The place is open, but also cozy. It all just feels so good! Created by the Office of Architecture and Push.

Images: Kishore Varanasi
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