Interiors: Modular Arts by Heliotrope Architects

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Justw as we were thinking that we didn’t showcase enough commercial and office spaces interiors, out from the universe this project’s stunning photos fall into our lap. For the Modular Arts company, this space is clearly inviting, modern, warm and motivating. We especially love all the great textures — we suppose they didn’t want to fill the space with too many stimulatingly bold colors as to distract (though there is a really rich, jewel-toned blue in there), but we do know they probably wanted to create an interesting space. Wall and ceiling textures and patterns were incorporated in a crisp, modern white to do the trick. We love the use of touches of warm wood in pivotal spots to really create a friendly atmosphere and think they made some great lighting choices. By Heliotrope Architects. More here.

Images: Heliotrope Architects website
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