Interiors: Magnolia House by Heliotrope Architects

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We loved the commercial work space project by Heliotrope Architects earlier this week so much, we’d made sure to look around the rest of their site to see what other projects they did. We came across the Magnolia house. So urban yet natural. Love how there’s a low, horizontal feel to the whole space, making the home feel very casual. Love the contrast between the clean white walls and the dark, warm wood floors. Furniture is definitely modern, but it’s also a little over-sized, very comfortable-looking and made of natural materials. Textures are important here, both in hard materials and soft materials. A big whole-wall window can open up, blurring that line between outside and in. It all just feels so wide and bright, but also intimate and cozy. More here.

Images: Heliotrope Architects website
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