How to: Protect Furniture in this Heat!

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We believe in long lasting, high-quality furniture around these parts. Not only do we carry a number of brands and designers who create these kind of pieces on 2Modern, but we try to highlight those kinds of principles on this blog, too. The upside of quality furniture is that they become heritage pieces you can keep from house to house and pass on through the family. The downside is that it becomes a major bummer when these things get damaged. Though you undoubtedly take good care of your furniture, there may be one factor you haven’t considered when it comes to the care and protection of your favorite pieces (and art): this indomitable heat. We came across a great article in the Houston Chronicle talking about this very issue and suggest you take a peek: Heat can get to furniture, too.

How do you protect your furniture when it comes to the hotter-than-the-sun summer heat? Have you ever had art or precious pieces of furniture damaged by high temperatures? Let us know how you’ve protected your furniture during summer time!

Image: urbancase’s The Sidebar on 2Modern

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