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Your friendly blogger is taking two days off! Enjoy some of this summer’s most popular posts: It sometimes seems like the best furniture lines are born out of frustrated designers not able to find the exact design they want. Has that ever happened to you? Even with all the amazing designs out there, it can sometimes feel like you can’t find just the right thing for what you had in mind. So what if you took to making it yourself?

We’re not suggesting you launch your own furniture line (unless that’s been a dream of yours), but there are definitely a few avenues available to you if you really like getting down and dirty with table saws or if you just can’t find what you need. A few we’re highlighting today:

Ana-White A really awesome website full of free furniture plans of all different styles. You can search by what kind of furniture piece you want to make, the style, your skill level and even by estimated cost. It’s not exactly bursting at the seams with modern furniture designs…but it’s got a lot of potential!

Instructables A little more on the…wackier side…Instructables is a website full of ideas and DIY projects from regular old folks who just took it to themselves to build something someday. Some of the projects are awesome! Some of them…well, only the project-maker could probably love. Worth checking out.

IKEAhackers Kind of a way to “cheat” making your own furniture, this website is chock full of BRILLIANT “hacks” that people have created with IKEA furniture. Basically, they looked a piece of IKEA furniture or two and figured out something else they could make with it! And they tell you how to do it.

Of course if you’re like us and are terrified of most power tools, feel free to shop for furniture at 2Modern. We’re pretty confident you’ll find something just about perfect for you.

Have you ever attempted to make your own piece of furniture? Or “hack” an IKEA piece of furniture? Tell us about your failures and successes in the furniture-making world!

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  1. Stephanie S

    Mar 13, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    Hey cool, that’s my clock hack!
    This sort of thing happens to me all the time. I have a perfect idea of what I want in my head, but no amount of shopping or internet scouring will give me what I’m looking for. Many times I’ve simply found something that was close and modified it to suit my needs. Living in a small apartment usually limits what I can do (though it didn’t stop me from sanding and refinished a coffee table. On my balcony of course). Power tools scary, but they sure are fun!

  2. Tristan Hay

    Aug 23, 2011 at 10:55 am

    I think adapting furniture to your own needs or to fit a certain style is a great idea, I often use items to fit a different purpose than what they were created for originally.

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