Food/Design: Slowpoke Cafe by Sasufi

Architecture & Interiors

Wood! Wood walls! Wood floors! Wood furniture! We guess depending on how it’s harvested and used and reused it’s not always the most eco-friendly thing but can you fault a design lover for absolutely loving the stuff in decor? You know what else we like? Texture. The kind of texture that comes from making some bold building decisions. The kind of texture that just makes you want to touch it with your hands to see if it’s real. Slowpoke Cafe by Sasufi as spotted on Dezeen sure gets a lot of stuff right. Look at that textural, sassy, interesting, bold wood wall? Wouldn’t that look great as an accent wall in a home, too? Answer: yes definitely. We like how this cafe feels real simple and earthy, with lots of darling touches and details. More here.

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