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Words cannot express how much we enjoy the latest work from artist Shawn Huckins. Perhaps an abbreviation would work, instead? OMG. WLTS (We Love This Stuff). So like, Shawn’s taken some of the major players from the American Revolution and superposed some modern times techno babble over top of them. The titles of each piece really explain it all, like “The Wig Maker’s Re-Post To Fat Taxation, (Um, And You’re Telling Me This Because?)” or “Verplanck’s Post on American Moralism, (Like Duh Obviously, It’s A Complete Waste Of Time)” Can’t you just hear some teenager in a history class somewhere explaining some of these important historical people and facts in this way? It’s totally cracking us up. Check out more on his site and hear him explain it.

An upcoming exhibition:
FEED2011 Biennial: Five Artists
1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA
2 Sept – 22 Oct 2011

LSWDYTATAATP? (Like, So What Do You Think About This Artist And This Post?)

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