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Featured Artist: Rebecca Bennett

Categories: Art + Graphics

What is it with us and minimal, futuristic landscape paintings? Well, they’re cool, that’s for sure, and Rebecca Bennett’s are certainly that. These are all very minimal, abstract paintings, but don’t they kind of remind you of the futuristic/space skies if someone was floating lonely at sea somewhere? And the colors she uses are so VIBRANT. We mean really rich and luxurious. They really pull you in. These paintings are so simple yet they really have a depth to them that is immediately sensed. And because they feature so many horizontal lines and soothing colors they really are quite relaxing. These pieces would look pretty great in a modern space, dontcha think? More here.

What do you think of really abstract, bold landscape-y paintings like these? Let us know!

3 Comments to "Featured Artist: Rebecca Bennett"

  1. i like that, make me think of a montréal painter myleneroy(dot)ca

  2. clearly understood first two and last two paintings. love it!!! the last one is the best(washed-out desert). other two are a bit boaring. but that is just my opinion:)

  3. Hah! Sorry about that first top photo…don’t know where that came from!

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