Featured Artist: Nick Sayers

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Spheres made out of reused and re-purposed material? Yes please! What can’t artist Nick Sayers make into a sphere? We’re pretty sure the answer is nothing. On his Flickr account we spot envelopes, playing cards, subway tickets, real estate agent signs, bottles, measuring tape and more. The spheres come in a range of sizes, from table top to a-guy-can-fit-in-it size. Although the premise is simple enough, there’s something so complicated and layered and interesting about this work. It just sort of speaks to all of humanity. Perhaps it’s because spheres are the shape of our own planets, and even some of the smallest building blocks of ourselves, atoms. There’s just something so lovely and hopeful and grounding about his spheres, and we really enjoy looking at them a lot. And of course, they’re inherently geometric! More here.

What would you make a sphere out of if you could make it out of anything?

Images: Nick Sayers
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