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Oh boy this is neat. Artist Letha Wilson has created an installation that is certainly unlike anything we’ve ever seen. In Lisle, Illinois, anyone can take a lot of guesses as to what this art could represent. How nature is the ultimate canvas (architecture) or how nature itself is the ultimate form of art (’cause it’s so stinking pretty). It could also represent just how changeable everything is, and how with the seasons comes change into our lives. In Letha’s words:

“For this piece I have built an interior wall inside and alongside this Blue Ash Tree at the Morton Arboretum. This is second piece along these lines I have created, yet the most ambitious and the largest scale work thus far. First the frame of the wall was built with wood studs, resting on the ground close to the trunk of the tree. The structure was built as level as possible. The frame was overbuilt with many cross beams and in such as way that the tree itself has not been punctured at all by any screws or even any straps. This network of wood studs is on view from the back side of the piece, as it is open on that side. The front I then faced with ordinary interior drywall, and built as you would an interior wall around pipes.” As spotted on the very super neat blog “You Have Been Here Sometime.” Check out the post to read more from the artist.

Images: You Have Been Here Sometimes website
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  1. evaone

    Aug 11, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    Its so amazing and very unique..Its really a great work of art.

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