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DIY: Yet Another Shipping Pallet Project

Categories: DIY + How To

This isn’t so much a “how-to” project as it is just a photo, but boy does this photo say a lot. And yes, it involves another darn shipping pallet. But almost hardly recognizable! And in a way we’ve never seen before! Though there aren’t really instructions for this project (like we said, it’s kind of more of an idea than a project) you can see that all they really did to this pallet is clean it up, sand it down and safely hang it above their counter in the kitchen. It instantly became a big natural element to the kitchen, and also because functional because it allows for shelving of small items. What a fun spice rack this would make!

Okay, give it to us honestly. Are you going to stop reading this blog if we don’t stop posting about shipping pallet projects!?! Hah.

Image: Flickr member catarina clemente♡

2 Comments to "DIY: Yet Another Shipping Pallet Project"

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