DIY: Lace Lampshade

DIY + How To

From time to time we like to showcase a product, pattern or project that’s a bit more “cute” and “adorable” than you might think a modern blog of our caliber might show off. We think it’s important for a person to embrace their girly side, sure, but we also know that cute and darling things can take the edge off cold, steely modernism and bring a punch of personality into any space. And hey, when you can make it yourself, all the better! Here in comes this lacey lampshade, the procedure of which looks quite simple to do. But wait, there’s more! Don’t limit yourself to lace — can you brainstorm other ways you could use the methods in this lampshade project to create a pattern that’s more modern or geometric or something you love? Still not convinced this project has anything for you? Click over anyway. WHAT they use to make this project is kind of totally cool. Just an idea…more here!

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