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DIY: Geometric Paint Chip Art

Categories: Art + Graphics

Curbly never lets us down. They just always find the kind of DIY projects we’d actually like to create for our own modern homes, just like this geometric paint chip art. Who doesn’t also love great modern art that’s also basically free? The basic gist of this project involves finding lots of paint chips in a color palette of your choosing, and then creating a geometric pattern like triangles with a lot of cutting and pasting. A frame completes the project nicely. You can re-create this project exactly, or keep in mind that you can also get creative and choose your own geometric design! Sky’s the limit on this one. We bet this would look good really big and also with lots of really small ones. More here.

Images: How about Orange via Curbly

2 Comments to "DIY: Geometric Paint Chip Art"

  1. So good! I’m trying this next time I’m at the hardware store.

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