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DIY: Fauxdenza

Categories: DIY + How To

Modern is simple, honest, easy-to-do solutions that take something that’s not quite right for your home and turn it into something perfect for your home. And if it can be affordable, too, well then all the better. Words aren’t enough for how much we’re loving the project we found on the amazing website “The Brick House.” Lovingly referred to as the “fauxdenza” this is a project to create a long, lovely, modern, not-a-zillion-dollars-but-looks-custom credenza for your modern home. Using from-the-box cabinets that they hung to a wall, they cut wood to size and placed along the top and the sides. Though it’s a little more complicated than that, not by much. The DIY-ers of this project claim there aren’t any complicated cuts, so even those just a little acquainted with a saw could pull this off. Did we mention how much we love this?! More photos and detailed instructions here.

Images: Morgan Satterfield

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