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Stay with us on this one. The post, the photos, the name is really cutesy, we recognize that. But, we think this crafty project has some serious potential for really affordable, modern accessories for your home. Ready? Okay, so this is a recipe for air-dried porcelain made from homemade ingredients. Probably concocted for summer projects for kids to make things to give their parents or something. But, look beyond the small animal figurines to think about how you could use these ingredients, which when dry will become air-dried porcelain, to make really organic, abstract, natural-feeling accessories. Maybe they could be soft lumps that just have a neat shape. Maybe you make some spheres. Maybe you make a loose representation of a bird or some other modern motif. Maybe even a crude, really rough vessel. The idea is that you could make a vignette of homemade air-dried porcelain accessory figurines that would look like something expensive you bought from Etsy, and all with easy, store-bought ingredients and just a little time. Heck, even get the kids involved, if you want! Get the recipe here.

Okay what do you think? Are we stretching it a bit? Do you think you would ever want to attempt to make something modern-looking with this DIY recipe? Let us know!

Image: Etsy user clamlab
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