“Coming Apart” Exhibit At Heidi Lowe Gallery

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Known for silhouetted forms of historical jewelry styles and executed in bold colored laser cut plexi-glass, The Opulent Project, investigates opulence within the context of our society’s obsession with material possessions. “We seek to create a dialogue between the precious and non-precious and subvert mainstream preconceptions regarding value in material culture.” This Portland, OR based artist collective, founded by Megan Drinkwater and Erin Gardener, has created a new body of work entitled “Coming Apart”.   The work in this show explores various forms of fragmentation visually, physically and/or conceptually.

“Wallpaper” a variation of one of their classic pieces, explores adornment related to the body and interior space.   The installation is infused with jewelry as well as showcasing one-of-a-kind objects.  The viewer is invited to participate by pulling jewelry from the wall to adorn themselves.  This act of removing those pieces reveals a pattern of negative space that remains.


The Opulent Project uses new technologies to create jewelry that questions the conventional idea of value.  Such as these Love, Love lockets which are engraved on one side and filled with a QR scan which can be read by your smart phone and then connects the viewer, or scanner, to a popular song via internet. How modern!

“I have represented The Opulent Project since I opened in 2005 and I am excited to see the show unfold.  The best part about their work is that it fully considers the audience and in the end they become part of the piece.”   Says gallery owner Heidi Lowe.  “The Opulent Project never ceases to amaze me.  I love the way they merge the historical and the contemporary seamlessly.”
The Heidi Lowe Gallery was founded by Heidi Lowe, an artists and educator in 2005.  The gallery shows work by studio, art jewelers from around the country and abroad.   “Coming Apart” will be on exhibit through October 2011.  For more info visit www.heidilowejewelry.com.
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