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Catalina Viejo :: Collage

Categories: Art + Graphics

Originally from Spain, Boston-based artist Catalina Viejo’s series of collages are right up my alley.  Using colors to convey emotions, she creates “letters” intended for various recipients.  Pictured above is “Letter to My Sisters”.  She also has a series of collage portraits (pictured below) as well as a beautiful collection of abstract collages.  Check out more of her work here or stop by her Etsy shop to purchase some of her original artwork.

LINK: www.catalinaviejo.com

More pics after the jump!

One Comment to "Catalina Viejo :: Collage"

  1. You know collage is really one of the simplest yet wonderful art. I mean, it can pretty go well with everything. I love the patches of colors and patterns. Really cool.

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