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Workiture’s Modern Bag Holder: El

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

We’re not so sure about this product someone sent info to us. On the one hand, it does look real modern and perform a function…but is it really needed? I mean, is this an example of forward-thinking or extra, unneeded (thought nice-looking) clutter?

“Workiture a company based out of Grand Rapids, MI, just came out with their inaugural product named El. A sturdy, functional place to store ones messenger bag or briefcase while at the office or at home, El makes a bag’s contents more accessible and keeps belongings where they belong: off the ground. More.”

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Images: Flickr

9 Comments to "Workiture’s Modern Bag Holder: El"

  1. Totally makes sense to courier-bag-carrying me! The bag does exactly what I need it to capacity-wise, but won’t stand on it’s bottom worth a damn…and when the netbook’s inside, I worry about it toppling over.
    This bagstand looks like a great under-desk item.

    Wanna mail me one to test out and review? :)

  2. I carry a messenger bag, going in and out with it several times a day, and this looks like a great solution to me.

  3. At first I thought, no way. What’s the point of having a shelf just for your bag? Then I remembered the paperless start-up where I used to work and how there were no shelves or drawers or anything in my cube and I ended up buying a cube hook to put my purse and how it eventually bent and fell off, spilling the contents of my bag everywhere. And then I thought, well, maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all.

    • I love that everyone has been weighing in on this one! I guess when I first saw the product I thought about it for use in the home. Which is understandable, considering I work from home. So in that vein, I was like — I can just put it on a couch/bed/chair! But I am now seeing that for folks with office jobs, as yourself, the product has some merit!

  4. After first viewing the product, I found it to be unnecessary, until reading the details. Being able to find things quickly and easily in my bag is a huge plus and something I struggle with all the time! This looks like a great solution to a problem I know many people have.

  5. This thing is perfect. It is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?!?” moments.

  6. ye..i thouht the same! where it was earlier??

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