Old T-Shirt Rugs

Modern Decor

Modern is…using old, unwanted materials to create new, fabulous products! Like this modern rug made out of old T-shirts. Made by Etsy seller greenatheart, it’s amazing to think that this now usable and functioning piece of home decor could have just been a pile of unwanted, old trash. Now that’s modern. And at only $196 it’s kind of a freaking steal. Via AOL.

We think green and eco-friendly products are pretty important at 2Modern. If this rug isn’t quite your style but you’re looking for more ideas, check out modern rugs at 2Modern and search for eco-friendly! You’ll find a wide array.

What do you think about this rug made out of reused old T-shirts?!

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  1. Antique French Chandeliers

    Jul 9, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    haha this is a great idea, unfortunately i have almost no artisitc talent. I wonder how they turned the t shirt material into a wooven rug…very cool

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