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Nuvist’s Fluid, Modern Design

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Nuvist Architecture & Design is a firm out of Istanbul, Turkey creating some really stunning modern pieces. Sometimes we’re not always into really organic shapes because they feel a little contrived, but these all feel really genuine and honest. We love how the glossy material contrasts with the organic, fluid shapes, which seem to take their inspiration from water’s fluidity. We also love all the bright colors the pieces come in. More about them here.

This post comes courtesy of Emrah Cetinkaya from our “make a guest post” page. Got a great lead, product find or idea? Share yours and it could make it on the 2Modern blog!

2 Comments to "Nuvist’s Fluid, Modern Design"

  1. These are amazing pieces! I wonder if any American firm is representing Nuvist? I can see a market here for these clean, fluid lines.

    • That’s a great question! This post came in as a guest post and I admit their website is a bit tough to understand. Hopefully they’ll see your comment and let us know where to get their stuff in the States!

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