Modular and Flat Pack Furniture by Eric Billig!

Modern Decor

We first came across Austin furniture designer Eric Billig’s work when we saw some of his creations in concrete. He’s kind of a master with the material, and has a unique aesthetic that really sets himself apart. Well, it turns out concrete isn’t the only thing he’s good at working with: he’s launched a new business and design concept, Eric Billig Factory, around the idea of modular, modern furniture that he can ship flat straight to you. Not only does it looks like there’s hardly any waste that goes into making these pieces, but you get the shipping savings passed on to you! His first piece, the Bow Modular Coffee Table, comes shipped flat to you and in an interesting shape that can be configured many different ways with other tables to create lots of new shapes. Made of hard-coated antiqued white finish on Medex® moisture-resistant MDF, $95 for one. Fun! Check out more of his work, plus some future ideas on the drawing board, here.

What’s your take on flat pack furniture? Have you ever bought any?

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