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Alright it’s true: we’re huge animal lovers. But we swear that had nothing to do with today’s Modern Etsy choice. * We chose this Etsy store, which sells adorable — er, I mean very modern — watercolors of animals because we actually think these would make an affordable art choice for a modern home. Firstly, these are actually modern — they feature one single animal on a white background, without any shadow and minimal brushstrokes. In fact, these animal depictions are really distilled to their most colorful essence. Secondly, we think it would be fun to incorporate a lot of these in a space, but in clever groupings. Like maybe one column of pet-able animals, and another column of animals you’d want to stay away from! Or what about creating funny pairings of animals — a little interspecies art love! Just ideas. More here!

*Blatant lie
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