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Modern Etsy: and furthermore,

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Are these doily clocks too cutesy to be on a blog all about the latest and greatest in innovative modern design? We don’t care. We love ’em. Besides, sometimes you need a little light-hearted cuteness to bring some balance to all that serious, cold modernism. Though these would seem to aim primarily to be used by girls who are well, probably quite girly, I’d applaud the guy who was brave enough to employ one of these suckers in his space. Besides, they are functional, as well! Got love cute and functional, folks. And though they are adorable, don’t overlook one very important fact: they are geometric, and furthermore deserve respect from the trend that’s brought triangles to the forefront. More here.

3 Comments to "Modern Etsy: and furthermore,"

  1. I have one hanging in my living room. Love it!!

  2. those are fantastic. great finds. etsy has amazing shops. i find new ones every day. :)

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