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Live Modern: Berlin Tiergarten

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Ahh! We are loving this apartment in Germany that so expertly blends an antique-looking space with uber modern interior furnishings! We think a lot of folks think their architecture and surroundings have to match the style of their furniture tastes, but that’s just not true. This is evidenced quite nicely by this project. We think part of the success was keeping the intricate architectural details white or light wood-toned; this helps keep them in the background and make them more like a canvas onto which fun, modern, bright, colorful additions can be made. This project in Berlin, Germany was done by Berlin Rodeo Interior Concepts.

What do you think about this apartment that combines modern and traditional decor elements?! Let us know in the comments below.

Images: Architizer

One Comment to "Live Modern: Berlin Tiergarten"

  1. love the contrast of the stark white walls and modern with the plastered ceiling. Who says just because you live in an antique that your furnishings have to match.

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