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Live Modern: Aigina Island, Greece

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Man, these poor, poor home owners. To have to live in such unpleasant-looking, deplorable conditions. And the location! Ugh! I’d rather be anywhere on the planet except here!

Not. Geez this place is AMAZING! Probably not in my personal price range, but it’s for the better, considering it’s not for sale. Who’d sell anything as beautiful as this? Who would ever leave any thing as beautiful as this? If we lived in this house, we’d insist all groceries and other services come to us; we’d never leave these views. Created by the brilliant Konstantinos Kontos. We love how the architecture has a sort of post-modern, Greek architectural look, and how the building was made to serve the landscape. Really modern and stunning.

Images: Architizer

4 Comments to "Live Modern: Aigina Island, Greece"

  1. What a stunning home. I’m so jealous of whoever lives there

  2. Quite simple, really. But so elegant.

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