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There’s a lot in terms of interiors that Cory Buckner Architect is doing right. But there were two projects in particular that really made our design-loving souls sing. One, the Riley Residence, features tall ceilings with clean white walls. Cozy, monochromatic color palettes create a serene, calming atmosphere. Warm wood tones help balance out all the white walls and bring a high connectedness to nature in the space. Mid-Century Modern and vintage furnishings help give it personality and style. It’s just a real simple, accessible space. The kind of modern space anyone could call home.

Their Malibu Studio is also pretty cool. A tiny space, they use interesting materials to create totally unique, kind of hippy-ish and definitely modern. Love the interesting windows and views and the modular feel to the lines and spaces. Also love how the interior color palette mirrors the views of the mountains and nature outside. Very calming and clever. More about all their projects here.

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