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Featured Artist: Joel Ganucheau

Categories: Art + Graphics

Austin-based artist Joel Ganucheau’s work is simple, fun, bright, cheery, hopeful, masculine, urban and colorful. A lot of things, we know, but his pieces do indeed possess many of those characteristics. We like the texture his work has; even though the subject matter doesn’t have a lot of depth, the work itself feels like it’s jumping off the page because of the great grooves and marks it has. Simple, abstracted shapes make up a lot of the backgrounds, where as animated, illustrative and graphic, with plenty of curves, organic shapes and natural subject matter. See more of his work on his website. Both originals and prints are available on Austin Art Garage.

3 Comments to "Featured Artist: Joel Ganucheau"

  1. I checked out Joel’s website,and I liked it. His works are so simpe but beautiful.

  2. This guy’s got serious potential, but I’m not sure he’s quite gotten there yet. With a little more effort and innovation, I think he’ll paint his masterpiece yet. You heard it here first!

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