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Featured Artist: Erin Hansen

Categories: Art + Graphics

We all need a little reminder every now and then. Life’s complicated. Full of distractions. Busy schedules. Pets, carpool lanes and Pilates classes. There’s a darling and bold art project by photographer Erin Hansen that’s in a simple and quirky way documenting some things we should all try and remember. Placing colorful paper cut outs in a simple font over home-life scenes that have to do with the reminder featured, they are really lovely, kind of funny and mostly true. She’s got plenty more great photography series on her website, so be sure to look at all of her art here.

One Comment to "Featured Artist: Erin Hansen"

  1. Hanson’s wry work on the basics of being needs is refreshing and fun to peruse through. She has some darling ways in other projects of pinpointing the unfortunate condition of so many of us, who give in to our slovenly side a little too often.

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