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Fashion: Givenchy’s Architectural Fall Designs

Categories: Fashion + Trends

I’m not super into fashion (a fact that would be glaringly obvious if you’ve ever met me in person), but I do appreciate some fashion for its transformative abilities. Some fashion designs create an entirely different shape to a human — and I find that to be quite architectural and interesting. We definitely see some evidence of that in Givenchy Couture Fall 2011, spotted on the blog Lashes & Bones. You can see that in very subtle ways, these dresses alter the expected shape of the silhouette of these models, in some designs creating the appearance of a different shape of the legs with the use of sheer and not sheer fabrics. We find this to relate well to the interior design world, as well as be lovely! More here.

What do you think about these new designs? If you’re a fashion lover, speak up!

Images: studded hearts via lashes & bones.

2 Comments to "Fashion: Givenchy’s Architectural Fall Designs"

  1. The model needs to eat something – quick!

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