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DIY: Paint Stick Pendant

Categories: DIY + How To

You know how much we treasure DIY projects that involve reusing things you already have and making things that are affordable and doable. Well, combine all those and add in an awesome Mid-Century Modern aesthetic and you’ve got this amazing pendant light made out of paint stir sticks! I don’t know how Laura Lynn over at the blog Enjoying the Simple Things ever looked at a pile of paint stir sticks and came up with this idea, but we’re eternally grateful. Basically because we get to link to it and hopefully inspire you. Check it out!

Images: Laura Lynn

4 Comments to "DIY: Paint Stick Pendant"

  1. Wow! So creative and can work with lots of different spaces…

  2. I love this idea! So fantastic.

  3. Thanks for featuring this! I really appreciate your kind words and have enjoyed reading through your blog.
    2modern blog is a must read.

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