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French designer Jean Francois Rey has hit a niche in the eyeglass market with his ultra modern sculptures to only let you see better, but to be seen.  There is no hide and seek with these frames.   Eye wear like jewelry and other adornment lets the wearer say something about him or herself.  JF Rey designs certainly are not for the meek with bold colors like intense orange and  bright red,  architectural inspirations, patterned lines and checkered graphic details all creating a very distinct look.  Sans the giant logo on the side… may not be labelista fare.  Another reason we love them.  The design speaks loud and clear here.

Precisely whimsical in the flower-themed frames of the Boz collection.  Wall flowers beware.  Be prepared, will lead to many conversations with certainty.  We love modern design that pushes the boundaries and is still wearable.  Prescription not included.

Have an infinitely modern day!



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  1. Printing Samples

    Jul 7, 2011 at 12:31 am

    Jean Francois Rey sure has an eye for fashion. These frames are not just stylish they’re also unique!

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