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elsa Mora

elsa mora

elsa mora

elsa mora

Whenever I need to remember what can be accomplished in a day, I always go to one of the many web sites of artist Elsa Mora or “Elsita” and marvel at her output. Its simply amazing and to be honest almost unbelievable that one person can produce this much QUALITY art work without missing a beat…and maintain multiple blogs, a very successful Etsy store,  raise two young children AND  look amazing as she does it all. Elsita doesn’t just haphazardly sling a paint brush around and call it “Art” either ooohhh nooooo, I’m talking about super detailed paintings, sculpture, miniature books, jewelry, clothing and paper cuts that roll out of her studio as if she has a team of ultra talented artisans working 24/7. I warn you that once you start reading her blog(s) its hard to not burn an hour or two as she has a great life story as well.

Elsa Mora’s Blog

Elsita’s Miniature Books

Elsita’s paper cutting

Elsita’s Dolls

Elsita’s personal style




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