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Daily Archives: July 16, 2011

Featured Artist: Lekan Jeyifo

Categories: Art + Graphics
Featured Artist: Lekan Jeyifo

Visions of future dystopias aren’t usually rendered as lovingly as they are in these prints by Lekan Jeyifo. A combination of digital illustration, found 3D models and grungy textured photographs, combine to give these eerily beautiful landscapes a painterly quality that is quite unique. We also really love the balance — Continue reading

Joseph Pintz Ceramics

Categories: Art + Graphics, Modern Decor + Objects
Joseph Pintz

Simple, chunky, bold and weathered are all words that come to mind when I describe the ceramic work of Joseph Pintz. They bear a considerable likeness to what one would expect to find on the table at the Flintstones house except that they are in a way serious and sculptural — Continue reading

Alphabet Furniture

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Alphabet Furniture

Created by the letters C, H, A, I and R, this appealing concept is an ideal addition to any house. Whether to spruce up a corner, accessorise a dining table or liven up a study room, you can count on this visually distinctive chair to be a conversation starter, every — Continue reading

Workiture’s Modern Bag Holder: El

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
Workiture's Modern Bag Holder: El

We’re not so sure about this product someone sent info to us. On the one hand, it does look real modern and perform a function…but is it really needed? I mean, is this an example of forward-thinking or extra, unneeded (thought nice-looking) clutter? “Workiture a company based out of Grand — Continue reading