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What does it all mean?

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

When asked ” what does it all mean?” in terms of form and color of his buildings, The British architect Will Alsop’ s response is simple but yet an intelligent one: ” I have spent a lifetime eradicating these questions from my soul in a reductive process, diminishing philosophy and theory to the notion (may be, further). I am making progress.”

He continues ” I have noticed and enjoyed, fabric stores where rolls are randomly placed alongside one another. There is no aesthetic judgement made as to the arrangement, and yet the resultant experience is always good.”

Color’s contribution to society is towards the alleviation of ennui according to Alsop and he adds “but only if the designer has the intelligence to think the intelligent.”..  “best practice is worst practice- it is dangerous.”

image source and for more about Will Alsop‘s other projects.

image source at dezeen.

other source: colour for architecture today, edited by Tom Porter and Byron Mikellides

2 Comments to "What does it all mean?"

  1. The pic you have used of the sales centre (2nd from bottom) is mine and is copyright! You could at least include a credit before going ahead and using it.

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