Villa Abborrkroken at Överby, Sweden, by John Robert Nilsson Architects


John Robert Nilsson Architects started in 1995 and currently consists of four employees. The practice works on equal parts of private dwellings, exhibition spaces and public areas. Among the homes they have built are numerous villas and cottages in coastal areas,  giving them a broad expertise in coastal protection and planning law.

Their completed projects are characterized by carefully studied and made solutions with high and sustainable qualities. Working closely with the client, and having good cooperation with their technical consultants and contractors a quite important factor when dealing with custom designed interiors and innovative engineering solutions. Villa Abborrkroken at Överby is a cottage with the most stringent requirements in terms of design and precision of workmanship.

And what were the solutions the architects came up with for the seemingly simple and unadorned building? Simple shapes, clean lines are consistent throughout the design, both inside and outside of the house. It is definitely a technology-intensive house, like a piece of civilized life and order placed on a boulder wedged in the natural area of the Stockholm archipelago.

The clean shaped rooms with their large glazed surfaces are oriented towards the seaside. By contrast. the entrance area is in a strongly different aesthetic – it is dense and consists of a plastered wall where the only light comes from a hole is the room high above the entrance door, whose latticework lets in some light.

Consistently, only a few basic materials are used. The outside is dark, especially the roof and back wall, where the entrance is, shaped in minimal lines and creating a stark graphic clarity. The light-colored materials are limestone from Gotland, ash wood which is silvery white, as well as the matte white painted walls and ceilings. The contrast between inside and outside is reinforced by the fact that the double glazed insulating window panes are huge and continuous, for a look that is sweeping along the stone floor and white ceiling.

The exterior is dark, clad with black plaster, tar paper, and steel parts in dark colors. The architects have also designed the surrounding landscape, with an overflow pool that lies at the outer edge of the stone block and the stairs that descend to the bay and jetty.

Photography by Åke E:son Lindman.

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