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We like when lots of ideas combine to create a new and fresh trend that’s just perfect for the times, like with the trend of rustic modern looks. See, lots of folks love the idea of a simple cabin in the woods, with rough-hewn edges and natural materials, but don’t so much want to give up their sleek and clean modern sensibilities. That’s where combining these two great looks can come up with a beautiful, brilliant style.

I rounded up on Apartment Therapy some ways to incorporate a rustic modern look inspired by a visit I took to a local destination hotel and spa in Austin called Travaasa. The very, very good news for you is that next week, I’ll be bringing a two-part post all about the gorgeousness of Travaasa to 2Modern! You can check out the sneak peeks at Apartment Therapy in the meantime. And enjoy these inspiring rustic modern looks we found around the web.

Images: Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer via ‟Vårt nya hem‟ via Solid Frog, the house that kat and fred built, Adrienne Breaux for Apartment Therapy
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  1. Lawmowers

    Jun 7, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    What a great combination. Love the first image with the modern white walls contrasted by the dark rustic wood beams. Really great blog.

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