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Mix and Match Inspirations

Categories: Fashion + Trends, News + Events + Contests

Bill Cunnigham, a fashion photographer who covers the street style of New York, has a legendary eye for color. I get inspired by his distinctive observations. Considering the concept of mix and match that the product/fashion designers build with mood, motif, color palette, fabric weights and merchandising in mind and them seeing them on the streets through the eye of Bill Cunningham is uplifting. Color selection through the mix and match considers how color accents and general palette will flow through the concept. Color proportion, placement and fabric variations give customers more choices to work the pieces together. The momentum of the mix and match is created by the proportions of the accent colors as compared to the colors of the larger areas. The visual impact is the key for an unified and consistent collection.

to watch a video of Bill Cunnigham

Bill Cunnigham, New York

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  1. Nice one thanks. Best wishes

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