Lobmeyr Chandelier

Modern Decor

In 1823 the house of Lobmeyr crystal is founded in Vienna’s Weihburggasse and soon becomes Purveyor to the Imperial Court. The Lobmeyrs becomes the pioneer of Austrian/Bohemian crystal production and presents the company at the first World Fairs as well as part of the Applied Arts in Vienna and the Modern Movement in 1912.

Today the Lobmeyr company’s passion for crystal and glass is still evident.  Italian born Marco Dessi, joined the vernerable house of Lobmeyr, gave a modern edge to the 18th-century chandelier by bending glass-tubes into hexagons and stacking them into a mosque inspired lanters.   Stepping into retro modern, and a little more advantgarde for the house of Lobmeyr, but is not out of place.  Dessi’s  Basket Chandelier is sumptuous and glamorous if not quite traditional.


Have an infinitely modern day!


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