Joon&Jung’s The Living Light

Modern Decor

Talk about innovation. We’ve been fans of Joon&Jung for awhile now; they’ve got gorgeous, forward-thinking designs that really give us hope and faith in the future. Their newest project, The Lighting Light, is a painfully elegant product that has us sighing from its beauty and ingenuity.

“The ‘Living Light’ is triggering the people’s attention for its light, gathering and grouping them under the same source. By detecting the human presence in relation to the space around, the ‘Living Light’ blossoms into a big flower simoultaneously increasing the amount of light, interactively welcoming the people to come together and communicate under its ambient blossom. Our algorithm for the specially programmed microchip is controlling the energy use and brightness of the light according to the presence of people, thus enabling the light to switch into energy saving mode when there is nobody around.” Amazing. More here.

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  1. johan

    Jun 12, 2011 at 4:26 am

    This is poetry!

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