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ArchZ Perforated Jewelry

Perforated surfaces are definitely a focus of the jewelry designs by Archetype Z . Hexagons, circles, rectilinear shapes and even letters are cut away from a variety of materials to create unique modern jewelry.

With a strong background in architecture and experience with digital fabrication methods, Alia (the designer behind Archetype Z) is able to take lessons learned from built forms and apply them to jewelry design. A honeycomb exterior skin becomes a surface shaped into a wearable 3D printed ring. Modern signage becomes a lasercut bracelet that makes a statement. The cut away material leaves simple patterns that play with architectural concepts like light and dark, opaque and translucent, foreground and background – – but at an individual human scale. The end result is modern design that is fun and accessible.

ArchZ Perforated Jewelry 2

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