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When we first started this series of food and interior restaurant photos posts, we wanted to do so to provide inspiration for the growing subset of folks who love to eat and eat in interiors that look good. Would you be surprised if we told you it’s incredibly hard to find good restaurant interiors? Oh there are plenty of decent ones, but there are also a lot of real yucky ones. Every now and then we come across something so stunning we’re, well, stunned. Meet Wildwood.

A Portland-based restaurant with a rustically romantic name, Wildwood, was recently remodeled by the quite talented interior designer Jessica Helgerson. Somehow rustic, craftsman-like, charming, modern and more, this interior is so cozy and beautiful. It’s warm and wrapping, but also open and cool. We love every detail, especially the ceramic lights by Heather Levine and the woodwork of Allen Kinast. More here. Via HouseMartin.

What do you think of this lovely restaurant remodel? Let us know!

Image: We couldn’t for the life of us find image credits, so if you know who took these, please let us know!
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