Bluarch and The Ultra-Lounge

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In many ways when we go to a bar or lounge we seek to be transported from our everyday lives into another place whether visually, sharing time and space with friends, or alcohol induced.   His Roman roots are showing as Antionio D Oronzo does not shy away from the “more is more” concept with a mix of history, lots of texture and whimsy.  In 2004, Antonio Di Oronzo founded the award-winning firm Bluarch Architecture + Interiors + Lighting, and also  putting the ultra into the term ultra-lounge.  Bluarch’s designs are eye candy and over the top, definitely putting you into another zone without the effects of libations.   A modern edginess and urban glamour at the Cienne Lounge in Queens NY with traditionally inspired tufted seating in which the tufting flows across the ceiling juxtaposed with color changing lighting which looks like fringe.


Chef Todd English’s NY establishment Juliet takes a Mediterranean feel of mosaic and tile translated into shiny gold and pink colors reflecting from backlit ceiling tiles.



Right Gin Lounge in Chicago mixes exposed beams with suspended crystal fringe and sophisticated modernized furniture that nods to the Victorian  parlor.

Let’s face it could all use a distraction now and then.  Bluarch has definitely captured my attention.   If the drinks do not transport you the scenery alone will.  From the moment you walk in the door there is plenty to look at and soak up.


Have an infinitely modern day!


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  1. Brian Balmoria

    Jul 4, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    Indigenous texture combined with color changing light, how I love the elegant atmosphere of this place.

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