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Tradition vs. Modern Technology

Categories: Local + Travel, Modern Decor + Objects

We usually revere modern technology in the design world for its ability to help create fresh, funky and usually more affordable than handmade designs that can be accessible to lots of folks. Because the design world’s so big, handmade and hand-crafted work still has a place–and sometimes seems more revered than ever. And with the rise of Etsy and the handmade nation, revering vintage ways of creating elements seems stronger than ever, right?

Etsy sent us over a quick video about a fascinating and kind of sad phenomenon taking place in Lefkara, Cyprus. Known for their handmade lace, the art is dying out with the last generation because of the prevalance of machine-made lace (and apathy from younger generations). See the video here.

Is this just progress? Should we allow vintage handcrafts to die off? Should we avoid all machine-made items because they sometimes contribute to dying crafts? What’s your opinion?

One Comment to "Tradition vs. Modern Technology"

  1. I like the existence of modern technology. The things that it can do just amaze me. I like how things can be done so quickly and it saves time. But of course, traditions should not be forgotten at all. We should always value them because they have also contributed a lot to where the world is standing right now.

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