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Special One by Fernando Arias van Oordt

Special One by Fernando Arias van Oordt

Special One by Fernando Arias van Oordt

Named ”Special One” after it’s muscular forms and metallic white shine, this table by Fernando Arias van Oordt is the second prototype that uses his unconventional forming techniques. Sheets of metal have been pressed and pulled apart to reveal bends and volume that provide strength and form, (Video of the process here. This process results in a design rarely seen before, and though atypical, it gives fully useable results.

“My priority is to use materials in their full potential”, said Arias van Oordt. “In this case I recognized the possibilities of pulling and pressing metal, which then had to be controlled or “tamed” in order to create forms at will. By creating a structure that could pull with several tons of pressure, and after 12 prototype tests, this final working table named ‘Special One’ came to be.”

The “VT PR1 Special One” in its full name, was produced thanks to a machine constructed by the designer. They are both prototypes and no more like them will be produced. Instead, Fernando Arias van Oordt prefers to continue experimenting with new designs and is now looking for a company interested in applying his manufacturing process.

Video of the process here.

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