Modern Book Corner: Architectural Lighting

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Lighting is one of those ethereal things you don’t always think about when planning, designing or picking out a home, but it can absolutely make or break how you enjoy living in a structure. Daylight is an integral biological need that everyone yearns for. This book “Architectural Lighting: Designing with Light and Space” is a bit heavier than the normal sorts of image-heavy design books we recommend, but lighting is such an important topic we think it’s a book to check out if you have any interest at all.

Taken from the Chronicle Books website: “Architectural Lighting, the latest addition to the Architecture Briefs series, provides both a critical approach to and a conceptual framework for understanding the application of lighting in the built environment. The key considerations of lighting design are illuminated through accessible texts and instructional diagrams. Six built projects provide readers with concrete examples of the ways in which these principles are applied. Short essays by architect Steven Holl, artist Sylvain Dubuisson, and landscape architect James Corner explore the role of lighting in defining spatial compositions.” More here.

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