Live Modern: A Secluded Mexican Abode

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Who among us doesn’t sometimes get the urge to run away from all the loud noise, traffic, stress and people? I know I get the bug every now and then. I’m sure I probably won’t ever do it, but if I did, you better believe I’d choose a place like this. Los Angeles-based photographer, writer and decorator Laure Joliet is blowing us out of the water with her photos of her dad’s Mexican modern home. Simple, open, yet respectful to the local culture and building practices, this might genuinely be my favorite residence I’ve seen all year.

According to the captions, the house isn’t quite finished, but we’re loving every square inch regardless. Laure’s dad worked with architect Hervé Daridan to achieve this harmonious, modern and perfect look. You can see tons more absolutely stunning photographs of this house (as well as all her beautiful photography) here.

Images: Laure Joliet
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